Dumpling-making in Haojiping


My group and i learned how to make simple dumplings while at Haojiping Ethnic School!


This is the glorious cook who made our meals–breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She made the dough, and only spoke Chinese, so I’m not really sure of how she made it.

This post is more of a trip down memory lane than a recipe.


Basically, you get a small lump of dough, which you flatten with your hands or a well-floured beer bottle.


Then, you put a small spoonful of filling into the dumpling and seal the edges. Above is my very good friend Melissa placing some herb mixture into the dumpling!

DSCN3160Ta-da. Many many dumplings.


Some of us were very creative. Above is a dumpling face.


The finished product. Dumplings of many shapes and sizes, cooked in a light broth with some soy sauce for flavor.

Somehow, we managed to roll, stuff and seal all of the dough, between bouts of flour-throwing wars and sighs of exasperation of ripped dough! They were pretty yummy.

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4 comments on “Dumpling-making in Haojiping

  1. blogturtle says:

    nice pics, sam.
    were the dumplings filled with scallions and soy?
    and steamed or cooked in the soup?
    i like the one with the face.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t think they were filled with soy, but perhaps it was the green parts of scallions; the other filling was a pork mixture. We then steamed them and then the cook cooked them in the broth and drizzled soy sauce to taste.

  2. Ayako says:

    You went to China? You know what I love dumpling so much.

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