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at350degrees, thank you for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! It was so nice to wake up to this notification. I began cooking a variety of foods the summer after high school, and decided to take pictures to remember the pretty dishes. Upon searching for new recipes, I stumbled upon the world of food blogging, and the rest is history! I never thought I’d reach 100 posts nor have so many followers. Thanks for all your support!


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Seven Facts:

1. I love to draw. My first career ambition, when I was yay high, was to be an artist.

2. I used to despise running as a kid. Twice around the track (1/2 mile) left my calf muscles burning. Now I almost can’t live without running! My PR for distance is 10 miles, which I ran on my 21st birthday. I felt glorious.

3. Right now I’m looking at graduate programs focused on nutritional biochemistry. Here’s hoping I get in!

4. I play soccer at college, third division. It’s tough (lost my big toenail… twice) but so rewarding. I’m going into my senior year.

5. I do research on bacteriophage and E. coli (a non-pathogenic strain, of course) while at school. I like being in the lab with music blaring… it’s kind of relaxing (even though it can be very frustrating).

6. I love being in the ocean and diving headfirst into the waves before they crash.. or mid-crash, as is often the case. I also hate tanning just to tan and will hide in the shade of the beach umbrella whenever I’m not in the ocean.

7. I AM GOING TO CHINA!!! For 3.5 weeks. In 4 days. To teach English to kids in a rural area of the Hunan Province. I am so excited/apprehensive/nervous/excited. Speaking of China, I am 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Scottish, Irish, English and German.

Fifteen Blogs:

Made by Mike, blogturtle, Emily Cooks Vegan, Acorn in the Kitchen, A High School Foodie, A Lot on Your Plate, Homemade with Mess, Meet Your Treat, The Goodie Plate, Spoonful of Sugar Free, Whole Wheat or Bust!, Save the Kales!, ChocolateCoveredKatie, Illustrated Bites, Food is My Life, Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen


9 comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! Have a great time in China, that sounds like an amazing opportunity!

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me! HAVE FUN in China-you lucky duck!

  3. blogturtle says:

    hey sam.

    thank you for the nomination and such kind words!

    its an honor to be included among the list foodie blogs too. my blog may not be about food, but i love eating good food, learning new things in cooking, and reading about your amazing creative recipes.

    enjoy your adventure in china! i look forward to your blog posts from there, especially your discovery of the spicy Hunan delicacies 🙂

    best regards.
    al (blogturtle)

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  5. […] Versatile Blog Award from Sam at What Will I Cook Today. […]

  6. […] Versatile Blog Award from Sam at What Will I Cook Today. […]

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