Kale Chips

This barely counts as a recipe but… gonna hop aboard the bandwagon and do the food-blog-post-rite-of-passage of Kale Chips.

Never heard of them? Yay! Now I feel original!

Kale is a leafy green (we all need to eat more of those), specifically a cruciferous vegetable. It’s kind of like spinach in taste, but has more texture and is not as light as spinach. Kale is a powerhouse of nutrients and functions: antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, cancer-treating, cholesterol-lowering, detoxifying, tons of fiber… (source)

… If eaten regularly, of course.

Which, with the following “recipe,” should be easy to do.

Kale Chips

Some kale, washed and dried with ribs removed (ribs don’t make a good chip)

Olive oil cooking spray

Pecorino-romano cheese (or nutritional yeast for a vegan version)

Garlic powder

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Line a pan with foil, and spray with olive oil or PAM. Distribute the leaves in a single layer.

Bake for a few minutes, then sprinkle some cheese and garlic powder, and then bake a few minutes more or until the crinkly parts of the leaves are browned or until you notice smoke coming out of your oven (no, I’m not speaking from experience…. cough).

If you’re making lots and lots of chips, you can put more on the pan at once and turn them midway through cooking. It takes some trial and error. Experiment with different oven temps and times and Google other recipes. This just worked out for moi.

Like my green sweatshirt that got its closeup in the corner over there? Oy…

Anyway, these chips are lighter than a potato chip, especially the crinkly bits of leaves that browned. The cheese gets browned in the oven too, making the chips addictive. Try different toppings and seasonings. I’ve seen sour cream & onion, dipping into ketchup, chocolate-coconut, banana chocolate… To do these toppings, you would have to combine the topping ingredients, toss the kale leaves in them, and then bake.

Trying to quit potato chips for 2012? Try this!


2 comments on “Kale Chips

  1. Thanks for linking up to my recipes and for making them. I am so glad you enjoyed the kale chips!

  2. […] browned and were crispy–next time, I think I will try to make cabbage leaf chips (like kale chips)–these outer leaves became so light and […]

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