Coffee Banana Ice Cream

The tumbler glass says it all. I am happy happy happy when eating Starbucks Iced Coffee Via flavored banana ice cream.

Especially when topped with oodles of whipped cream and a sprinkling of cocoa dust.

Coffee Banana Ice Cream

Lots (4-5) of super ripe banana, frozen in chunks

2-4 tablespoons of unsweetened Silk soymilk

1 Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee packet

Food process the bananas until silky smooth (add Silk to hasten the process and also to give a light and fluffy texture) like frozen yogurt. Add in Starbucks VIA (1/2-1 packet, flavor intensity to your liking) and process until mixed thoroughly. Spoon out into bowls, cups, tumblers, or the like and dress up with some whipped cream, cocoa powder… or crumbles of chocolate covered pretzels, which was the garnish the first time I tried making this.


The Starbucks VIA gives an overall crunchy texture to the banana ice cream at first until it dissolves completely. It is sweetened, so there is really no need to add any sugar or other sweetener to this. Oh, it is so good. If you like coffee ice cream… this will hit the spot. A sprinkle of chocolate-covered espresso beans on top (or IN) the ice cream would add a delicious crunch and more chocolate… what’s not to love?


One comment on “Coffee Banana Ice Cream

  1. […] enough for breakfast; decadent enough for dessert. Especially when warmed and topped with vanilla [banana] ice […]

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