Restaurant: Nobu

Spontaneous 2+ hour lunch breaks are awesome.

Especially when you go to Nobu, the “world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant” and eat a delicious 3 course meal (105 Hudson St., NY). My friend and I ate here for Restaurant Week.

The Squid Pasta with a Light Garlic Sauce. I tasted a mushroom off of her plate; it was so smooth and tender, and the garlic sauce wasn’t too strong and just perfect. (Unfortunately, on a return trip, this appetizer was no longer being offered.)

I got the Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing. The tuna steaks were seared on the outside but lovely and raw on the inside, super delicious. However, the dressing was extremely salty–it appeared to be made of finely chopped onions and handfuls of sea salt. I must have downed 4 glassfuls of water during this course.

My friend (and the next time, I) got the Assorted Sushi entree. We weren’t sure of the type of fish it came with other than the salmon, tuna, and shrimp. The sushi was super delicious and fun to eat; that little bamboo leaf was a cute and simple touch. Also, got to eat salmon roe, mah favee. The rice was cooked really nicely and it was just a super yummy meal.

I got the Arctic Char with Crispy Baby Spinach. This was AH-MAZING. It tastes like a very light, flaky salmon. I loved the crispy spinach and slices of garlic; they added a nice subtle crunch to the fish. When I came back, my friend got this but wasn’t as thrilled; he said it tasted too “fishy”, wasn’t a fan of the orange zest flavor in the sauce, and that it was too raw for his liking inside. However, I quite enjoyed it.

For dessert was a very strange but yummy tiramisu/profiterole concoction. I wished they had served mochi ice cream or something a bit more Japanese/Asian than this, but it was tasty nonetheless. The chocolate on top was crunchy and cocoa powdery and it was fun to dig into the cream puffs.

Nobu was definitely a good choice for Restaurant Week lunch, at least in my opinion. The atmosphere inside is interesting; a bamboo stick room divider makes you feel like you’re in a forest. Try to get a seat by the window to feel more involved with the world; or, if you’re feeling antisocial, a seat in the back can be good. The regular menu is very expensive, but it all looked really good and interesting. I wouldn’t come back for RW this year (seeing as I have done so twice already) but I would to sample their regular menu (if I suddenly won the lottery or something).


On a second trip, I tried a different appetizer — a miso-glazed (I think) black cod lettuce taco with shaved radish salad. It was quite delicious… a nice sweet/crunchy combination.


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