Restaurant: Savore

So one Friday evening, we all got majorly decked out and went to Savore Ristorante, an Italian restaurant in Soho (200 Spring Street). We came for Restaurant Week, for dinner.

Carpaccio: thinly sliced beef carpaccio with arugula and parmigiano. My friend who got this said it was pretty much amazing and ate the whole plate!

I got the Mare, or mixed seafood salad with grapefruit. It was very good but a lot of seafood for one plate… I gave some away. Also, not a fan of green olives but that’s just me. The scallops were really yummy, as well as the shrimp but I did find the squid kind of chewy… which I guess is normal for squid.

For entree, the Sogliola: grilled filet of sole atop pesto mashed potatoes. The pesto potatoes were SO good even if a little bit heavy on the salty side and will totally be replicated at home. The sole was really light and flavorful, with some delicious crispy parts.

Another entree at the table: Costine – short ribs braised with a Pinot Noir reduction and roasted potatoes. The meat fell right off the bone and definitely hit the spot for those who ordered it.

The dessert… just a simple tiramisu… was amazing. The best tiramisu ever. Turned me from tiramisu-disliker to a tiramisu lover. If you have only had bad tiramisu… please do yourself a favor and try this one.

Overall, a very nice dinner out. It was nice and relaxing inside, with an authentic Italian feel. The service was very prompt — almost too prompt — but we left full and happy. I don’t know if I would return here (I’m not that big of a fan of Italian dishes) but if I were, I would definitely come back.


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  1. […] used to hate tiramisu, but after having the freakin’ delicious one in the city, I wanted to try this […]

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