Restaurant: Fornino

Spending the day in Brooklyn, we came upon Fornino (187 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211), which boasted a status of “voted best pizza in NYC,” Zagat ratings, myriad articles about its exquisiteness, and a tagline proclaiming to know “the art and science of pizza.” So, of course, we HAD to make sure these claims were true…

One of my friends ordered the House Sangria. It was pretty tasty… and fun to eat the cubes of apple and orange.

My other friend and I split the Ortolano pizza, which came with tomato, mozz, eggplant, roasted pepper, zucchini, broccoli rabe, and parmigiano. It was SO deliciously amazingly good. All of the toppings were cooked perfectly. The zucchini was cut into cute little bite-sized pieces. The crust was unlike any other pizza crust I’ve ever had — it was light and almost airy, but still had a nice chewy texture. At first we were nervous because of the blackened bubbles on the perimeter of the crust, but I guess this is just what happens when your pizza was cooked in a legit brick oven. (Those black bubbles did not detract from the taste in any way!)

Pizzas come in both personal pies and for larger pies for two really hungry people or more less hungry people. This was a personal pizza, simply called Gorgonzola, which came with mozz, its namesake cheese, caramelized onions, and rosemary. My friend loved the caramelized onions so much she picked them off and ate them; she later ended up eating the rest of the pizza that was now just infused with caramelized-onion flavor.

Another personal pizza: Margherita Classica. Tomato, mozz, basil, parmigiano. Perfect for the one in the group who doesn’t like toppings on their pizza.

These pizzas were basically devoured, nary a crumb left. So, so good. Let’s just say they were definitely worth the taste test. Price range: somewhat expensive, with personal pizzas running from $8-$14, and larger pizzas $15-$22, depending on the quality of ingredients (not including the special Tartuffo pizza, which comes with mozz, black winter truffle, fontina, ricotta, and olive oil; a large pie runs for $50). The menu also offers some “brick oven specialties” and calzones, plus a wine list.

If you are looking for upscale pizza, look no further than Fornino… definitely worth a trip back.


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