Restaurant: Max Brenner – Chocolate By The Bald Man

Discovering places that consistently serve up outstanding dishes is a lot of fun. Especially when most of these dishes include chocolate. Enter, Max Brenner: Chocolate By the Bald Man (814 Broadway between 13th and 14th, New York City), recommended by my boyfriend.

It was as good as he remembered from the last time he had been there, over two years ago.

Above: Chocolate Chunk Pizza with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and roasted marshmallows. Oh my goodness. So delicious. One slice will fill you up with the best sugar rush of your life (in a totally good way). The marshmallows are toasted perfectly, and the chocolate is melty and goes really well with the crust, which is a bit lighter than your usual pizza crust.

My friends also got Chocolate Chai Tea (although she couldn’t taste much chocolate) and a Vanilla Milkshake with chocolate sauce (which came in a really cool “drink me” ceramic cup and a metal straw, which could be bad if you tend to bite your straw).

On a return trip, we sampled the actual food, since it looked so tantalizing the first time we were here. Luckily it did not disappoint either! Every dish that came and that I saw being served to other tables had such lovely/whimsical presentation. Above: Penne Alfredo with oven roasted tomatoes, parmesan, and garlic bread. Boyfriend absolutely LOVED this dish and is tempted to get it every time we come back.

I got the Fish Tacos with guacomole and chipotle sour cream. They also had shredded red cabbage, and lettuce. They were drippy and delicious–and the little metal stand they were served in was very helpful in helping them hold together!

For dessert, we got “The Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue” with  “vanilla ice cream popsicles, pure melted chocolate, crunchy wafer balls, candied hazelnut crunchy bits to create your very own and never ending chocolate coating.” Unfortuantely, the description lied because it DID end, and it was most unfortunate!! This dessert was so fun and delicious, not to mention hands-on. After the ice cream was inevitably licked away, we just dipped the Popsicle sticks into the chocolate and ate it straight up or with leftover hazelnuts. It was SO good.

This restaurant is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, and actually won’t leave your wallet too empty! Both times I have been there, the waiters have been very friendly, fast and nice (although one was slightly OCD with utensil placement). Inside is also a chocolate store where one can purchase Max Brenner truffles, a chocolate syringe perfect for ejecting melty chocolate directly into your mouth, among other chocolatey goodies. There is also a chocolate bar with take out options. Although somewhat tight and dark, you feel private yet involved with everything that’s going on; what I mean is, you don’t hear conversations at the other tables but are still situated close enough to drool over/get ideas for the dish you’ll order next time.

And next time… totally getting the chocolate fondue that comes with a roast-your-own-marshmallows deal. Oh yeah.

Update: 7/17/2013


…After totally forgetting I ever wrote that last sentence two years ago, I found myself at Max Brenner again this summer and what did we order for dessert (after getting the delicious entrees of Veggie Burger, Margherita Panini, and Turkey Club)? … The roasted marshmallow fondue. And it was DELICIOUS.




Yes, this was Instagrammed. Aheh. Strawberries and bananas in one bowl, with giant chocolate chip walnut cookie chunks, brownies, and marshmallows in the other… with dark chocolate, toffee, and milk chocolate fondue dipping sauces.

My veggie burger was DELICIOUS. The burger itself was just what i like in a veggie burger–lots of veg, and not some mysterious soy isolate smushed into a patty-formation… and it came with avocado! The bun was deliciously toasted–I usually don’t eat the bun that comes with burgers but couldn’t help myself, it was so good. The fries were waffle fries, dusted in chili and cocoa powder, and were a perfect serving size. This place can do no wrong.


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