Restaurant: Fishtail, by David Burke

I took an extra-long lunch break and met up with my family for a meal at Fishtail, by David Burke (135 East 62nd Street, NY), a restaurant participating in Restaurant Week.

It was pretty awesome.

We started off with appetizers…

Mom got the Tomato Gazpacho. She said it was really good and the perfect amount of heat. It was gone in almost no time!

My brother and I got the Smoked Trout Scramble, served in a giant ostrich egg! It came with spring onions, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, tomato crème fraiche, smoked trout and the lightest scrambled eggs ever. The tomato creme fraiche was so savory and perfect with the eggs, and it was fun to eat out of the thick eggshell. The toasted bread complemented the scramble well.

Underneath was a pot of colorful peppercorns! Not sure exactly what the purpose was, but it was pretty cool!

Dad got a chopped salad, with bacon, cucumbers, radishes, halved grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, hearts of palm, olives and bleu cheese.It looked delicious–the radish and cucumber were cut so thinly–and my dad ate every bite.

On to entrées!

My brother got the Hangar Steak with Steak Frites. After the initial “I hope this is an appetizer” look, he gave it an 8 out of 10.

The rest of us got the Whole Roasted Branzino, sea bass, that came with ricotta dumplings and a smoked chili sauce. It was AMAZING. So delicious, melt in your mouth, cooked perfectly. The skin was crispy and the white flesh just … so good. I have never tried sea bass before and I will definitely try it again. However, the ricotta dumplings were less than perfect… kinda dry, not very creamy; of course, that didn’t stop us eating every bit. The sauce tasted like ketchup but complemented the fish and dumplings well.

Dessert time!

Brother got the Tropical Fruit Sundae with guava sorbet, passion fruit and pineapple. It looked pretty yummy! And a piece of dried pineapple, reminiscent of a fishtail, to top it off. He said he liked it.

We also ordered the Devil’s Food Cake with salted peanut ice cream and milk jam. Not sure exactly what the deal was with the milk jam… it was just a milky sauce that isn’t visible in this picture. The salted peanut ice cream was amazing though… my taste buds were hit with a strong peanut flavor and of course, salty and sweet are a killer combination. The cake was super chocolatey and dense… I wished the ice cream to cake ratio were more 1 : 1 rather than 1 : 5 but this dessert was phenomenal. The roasted peanuts added yet another level of texture and flavor.

There’s the “milk jam.” It was really yummy; I don’t know about you but I love soaking melty ice cream into cake and this was similar to just that.

Upon leaving, instead of complimentary mints, there was complimentary peanut brittle… which was perfectly peanutty and not too sweet and hard–so delicious!

Fishtail was an awesome choice for Restaurant Week. The atmosphere was fantastic; first you walk in to a bar area, and then climb up the stairs into a brightly colored room with huge windows, letting in lots of natural light. Colorful pictures of fish adorn the walls and big mirrors help make the room look bigger. The waiters were extremely nice, friendly and very prompt. I would totally come back here if I were rich and famous and had lots of money to spend. But if you can make it for Restaurant Week, definitely come!


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