Restaurant: Cornelia Street Café

For Sunday brunch, my friends and I went to Greenwich Village to a quaint little eatery, the Cornelia Street Café (29 Cornelia St, New York, NY 10014).

After a rather long time, we received our meals… but they were worth waiting for.

One friend got the Farmer’s Breakfast: scrambled eggs  on a bed of salad greens, bacon, and rosemary roast potatoes. He was in ecstasy, pretty much–“Amazing! Amazing!” was heard throughout the devouring. I had a taste too–and it was delicious!

Another friend got the Challah French Toast with fresh fruit. She also liked it and it looked really yummy from my end of the table!

My boyfriend got the Buttermilk Pancakes and fresh fruit. It was a tough choice between a Cheeseburger and Pancakes; breakfast food won. Not much comment; but barely a trace was left on the plate!

After almost ordering a favorite, Eggs Florentine, I ended up going with Huevos Rancheros–a new one for me! It was AMAZING, so delicious. Poached eggs cooked to perfection, delicious black beans and cheddar cheese, a mild tomato/red onion salsa, with crème fraiche (I thought it was sour cream until I re-checked the menu… oops) to finish it off. Such a gorgeous presentation and delightful interplay of flavors! My one friend said she would come back and get this instead of her french toast!

All in all, a total win. Besides the wait time, this is an excellent place for brunch that isn’t too expensive (think 4 college students) yet serves really good food. The ambiance was interesting–where we ate, there was jazz-like music, but the room next door (the bar area) was playing Ne-Yo and other top 40 hits–and we could hear it. But the decor and overall atmosphere was very whimsical and quirky.

I would totally come back here for brunch or dinner. Restaurant success!

7/18/2011 Note:

And I totally came back for brunch to reunite with an old friend. This time I got Eggs Florentine with smoked salmon, and she got the quiche of the day, which included basil, mozz and tomatoes. My Eggs Florentine was AMAZING. The hollandaise sauce was tangy, rich, and buttery; the spinach was cooked but still tasted fresh, and the smoked salmon just complemented everything. It also came with small roasted potatoes and tomato slices. Combining the hollandaise and some fresh tomato on one forkful… so delicious. The English muffin soaked everything up and became a mouthful of heaven. My friend was also delighted with the quiche and loved every bite; it came with a mesclun salad as well


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