Restaurant: Seaport Café

On my weekend adventure of sightseeing, I revisited South Street Seaport, a lovely pier in lower Manhattan with lots of history and shopping. We ate lunch at the Seaport Café (89 South St, Ste 17 / New York, NY 10038), right on the pier.

I got the “Seaport’s Famous Crabcake” which was a crabcake sandwich with jalapeno peppers (left uneaten), lettuce, tomato, Kraft tartar sauce on a bun. How do I know it was Kraft tartar sauce? The little tubs came with the sandwich, individually wrapped in the original packaging. The sandwich was tasty and quite a lot of food, and very filling! The crabcakes were too deep-fried for me; personally I have had much better ones (PJ Clarke’s, among others) but my boyfriend really liked them.

He got the Philly Cheeseteak wrap without the peppers. The tortilla itself was really good–it had little jalepeno bits in it–and he thoroughly enjoyed the wrap. He really liked the combination and texture of the meat and the cheese; however it was majorly greasy, a slight turnoff. But overall, a very enjoyed plate!

Both meals were exceedingly filling and we didn’t even eat dinner that day.

It was nice to eat right on the pier. The atmosphere was really nice–yellow umbrellas and views of the water. However, for the price of the food, it wasn’t that amazing. Also, we ate with disposable plates, cups, and utensils; a turn-off for both the the environmentally conscious and the presentation of the food in general. But the Seaport Cafe was a good lunch for two starving kids who had been walking all over Lower Manhattan all morning!


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