“Restaurant”: Platters

Finally went to Platters/The Halal Guys (53rd and 6th). This is an especially important review, as going to Platters in NYC for a late night dinner (it’s definitely NOT a snack) together with my boyfriend has been a long time coming. Talking about Platters was his sneaky way of getting my number back in the day (“hey, when u go to platters, u should let me know, because i want to be there when u witness its awesomeness… can i get your number?”).

I’d never seen a line as long as this for a Halal cart. But this isn’t just any old Halal cart. In fact, there is a doppelganger of this Platters right across the street! But was there a 20+ person line? No. Not a soul. Just two very bored-looking Halal guys.

Apparently, you should look for this guy, with the beard, because he makes it the best.

And so the epic Platters has been accomplished. Quite good, ridiculously fast, and a TON of food for about $6.00 — you keep eating, and your dish seems to magically refill!

It comes with iceberg lettuce, chicken, lamb, yellow rice, and pita bread. The pita bread was the lightest, tastiest pita bread I’ve had to date. Eating a bit of everything on one forkful makes for a very tasty combination.

I found the bowl as one entity to be a little bit dry; the meat was cooked perfectly but the rice somewhat hard, at least for my taste. We did not use any of the mysterious white sauce (later found out it is a sour cream sauce) nor the hot sauce, which may have contributed to the dryness, but it was very good nonetheless.

Of course, this must be eaten later at night and under the dim street lights to have the full Platters experience. It may not be photogenic, but it is definitely worth a try and a trip if you’re farther away!


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