Restaurant: The Counter

So between work and seeing Phantom of the Opera, my NYC roommate and I met up with some friends and had dinner at The Counter (7 Times Square (41st & Broadway) New York NY 10036), which should be capitalized in text messages to avoid mass confusion.

It’s a build-your-own-burger place, with lots of interesting toppings to choose from!

I’m not partial to beef burgers, so I got a turkey burger (they also have veggie burgers) with imported Swiss cheese, organic mixed greens, black bean and corn salsa, tomato, with a side of honey mustard on a multigrain bun.

It was pretty good but rather dry and even crumbly, and the burgers don’t come with any sides (order individually). It all tasted pretty fresh though. We did ask that they hurry a little bit because were running late for the show, so maybe they were rushing or something.

My roommate got a turkey burger as well, which included grilled pineapple, peanut sauce, and an onion bun. She really liked it!

There are lots of things to choose from. Another friend got a Taco Turkey burger (they have both build-your-own and “signature” burgers if you’re feeling less motivated) which had jalepeno jack cheese, cranberries, lettuce, and spicy sour cream. She felt like the burger didn’t come with all of the ingredients promised; it might be better to use the signature burgers as a starting point and then build your own burger inspired from them.

Other toppings include pretty much every cheese imaginable, from feta to gruyere; avocado, grilled onions, fried egg, pepperoncinis, sprouts, coleslaw… buns also include regular burger buns and even English muffins; or, you can get the burger in a bowl of mixed greens.

It’s relatively inexpensive, depending on how much burger/toppings/etc you get. I paid around $12 for mine including tax and tip. You can also order online to save time (though they do not deliver).

The food wasn’t spectacular, at least on this particular day, but it’s a fun place to get a quick dinner that feels a bit more gourmet.


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