Restaurant: Jerusalem Grill

After work and before a movie, my friends and I were seeking out a quick and inexpensive place to eat.

We found the Jerusalem Grill (1st Ave between 62nd and 63rd).

They lured us in with free samples of hummus on some sort of deep fried bread (the hummus was the creamiest, most decadent tasting hummus I have ever had; the bread was kind of gross).

I got a Falafel and Tabbouleh sandwich in a pita with spring salad inside as well. It was super good! I have never had falafel before but it was yummy. I think it was broccoli or something; it was very green.

There are many things on the menu, which come as a choice of either a sandwich (see above) or a platter, which costs a bit more and is like a deconstructed sandwich. Other menu items included babaghanoush, hummus of course, shish kebabs, shwarma chicken, and some desserts like baklava.

Food was good; atmosphere was tight, hot and stuffy. There were also random radio bits that blasted from the speakers and then stopped suddenly. But you can get your meal to go and eat it in a nicer venue.

Everything tasted pretty fresh though and I would go here again!


2 comments on “Restaurant: Jerusalem Grill

  1. hueynews says:

    did it have chickpeas too?

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