Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Hot Fudge

It’s been a long time coming.

Banana Ice Cream. Or more often known as “banana soft-serve” since it comes out in the consistency of … soft-serve. Rather than hard like ice cream… that is, unless you refreeze it after you make it, should you make a ton so you always have some deliciousness on hand.

Oh, is there a story behind this one.

Once upon a time (and to this day),

My Chinese Grandma loves giving us bananas and other produce, junk food etc. every single week. The problem is, she thinks it’s okay to give us 4 bunches of super ripe bananas at one time.

So, about 14 banana breads later, we needed some new inspiration on what. to. do. with. all. these. bananas.

Facebook is kinda amazing. You never know what’s going to happen. So I posted this problem on my status and one of my dear dear friends commented the original recipe for banana ice cream.

She originally found it on  but since then I’ve seen it on a billion numerous blogs, like Choosing Raw, Oh She Glows, and Love Veggies and Yoga to name a few. Since that fateful Facebook status about two or three years ago, I have made it many times and always with good results. There are infinite variations of flavors and toppings that I have experimented with, but this is the combo we enjoy the most. The addition of frozen strawberries helps the ice cream to not melt as fast so you can enjoy it longer. And Greek Yogurt gives it a delicious tang that, in my humble opinion, is up there with pinkberry.

I kinda feel silly calling it a recipe. But here goes.

Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

At least 2 ripe bananas, frozen in chunks. More if you want. Once they’re pureed it doesn’t feel like you’re eating two or more bananas at once.

Frozen strawberries, maybe 6-10, quartered

A big dollop of 0% Fage Greek Yogurt

Vanilla extract

Fresh strawberries, for garnish

In a food processor, throw in the bananas and pulse a few times, then let it blend. Some people add some milk to get it going; it will be tough at first but keep scraping the sides and pressing the banana into the blades. Add in some vanilla at some point. When the bananas look kinda like Dippin’ Dots, put in the strawberries and keep processing. [7/4/11 – update: DO add a few tablespoons of Silk soymilk as you blend. It makes the banana ice cream fluffy and amazing!]

After a while, you can put in the Greek Yogurt. Keeeeeeeeeeep processing! It’ll make like a ball sort of structure and keep going around. You can break up the ball with a spatula or you can sit back and relax and let the machine slowly churn the ball into smooth soft serve-y goodness.

It will be pink and lovely.

NOW QUICK SCOOP IT OUT BEFORE IT MELTS… because it will melt very, very fast. I always forget to, but chilling some glass bowls beforehand might help with that.

Okay now… les toppings.

Hot Fudge Sauce

Um. My brother made it. And then he made White Chocolate Mousse and pronounced that he would make a blog called “What Won’t I Cook Today.” The point of this story is that I do not have the recipe, but this ice cream can obviously be topped with any chocolate sauce (preferably homemade–try 2 tablespoons agave nectar + 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder for a chocolate sauce).

Whipped Cream

I wasn’t that motivated… Shake and disperse to your heart’s content. But don’t you dare add Cool Whip. And then drizzle on more chocolate sauce. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

And voila. Presented in a black-stemmed martini glass. This did start to melt a bit because it was hot out. But when it is first made, it does have the lovely texture of soft serve ice cream.

Variations: Frozen bananas, vanilla extract +

Peanut butter/peanuts

Chocolate chips

Spinach + peppermint extract + chocolate chips (don’t look at me like that. I’m so not kidding.)


Chopped pineapple + shredded coconut

Maple syrup + pecans

Walnuts/other nuts

Cocoa powder (if the bananas are ripe enough, you might get away with not adding any extra sugar)

Other fruits

(Can be used either as pureed into the softserve or as toppings. Use common sense. Spinach leaves = not a good topping.)

Have fun!


6 comments on “Strawberry-Banana Greek Yogurt Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Hot Fudge

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