Restaurant: Radicchio, Pasta & Risotto Co.

Parents returned once again to drop off more stuff for me on Sunday! Although there’s food EVERYWHERE nothing beats free food from home. I didn’t think I would need to pack food but … yes, always pack food when you move away from home. Anyway, we happened upon this really nice little restaurant, Radicchio (235 E. 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022) for lunch.

First, we started off with some sourdough bread with some tomato-y tasting olive oil for dipping and butter sprinkled with Hawaiian red sea salt. Pretty cool! We were all starving so um… multiply that bread basket by two. I didn’t like the crust much but mom did.

Mom got Fresh Linguini with wild mushrooms and white truffle oil. She quite enjoyed and I liked it too, I think it was my first time tasting truffle oil; it’s a very hard-to-describe earthy flavor. The shaved Parmesan on both mine and hers was really good too. The pasta was more chewy than al dente.

I got the Spinach Fettucine with scallops, asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms, oil and garlic. I loved it! I actually subbed in their homemade whole wheat parpardelle pasta for the spinach fettucini. It was so good! The scallops were cooked really nicely–tender and not rubbery at all–and the pasta really tasted homemade but in a GOOD way. Some noodles stuck together, it reminded me of when I made my own pasta. It was a bit difficult to eat but not difficult enough that I didn’t scarf it down. I also got a side of broccoli rabe which was seasoned with pecorino and garlic and also cooked really nicely–super tender and not too fibrous at all.

My dad got Spinach Ravioli Marinara which, although brought the “This is the appetizer, right?” look, he enjoyed. Pretty basic; the tomato sauce for me was a little salty though. Raviolis were nice and tender with nice ricotta cheese filling. But I only took a small taste.

Also not pictured was a tiny bowl of parmesan cheese with a mini spoon — it was super cute! But alas, these dishes had so much flavor you’ll forget to add cheese–at least we all did.

While waiting for the check, we were given complimentary mini biscotti — 3 chocolate, and 3 almond. Yum!

The atmosphere was really well done: nice lighting in select spots; small but yet you still had privacy from other diners; a nice big window to let it lots of natural light and permit people-watching; a waitress/possibly cook with an English accent that I’m pretty sure made the food taste even better. It’s tucked away on a street filled with restaurants but you had better make a stop here, for you won’t be disappointed. There were so many good-sounding items on the menu it was difficult to choose!

Overall, I would totally come back. This restaurant reasonably priced for really good food — homemade pastas, seafood, truffle oil…! Try it!


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