“Restaurant”: pinkberry

That very same day, I had pinkberry frozen yogurt for the first time ever!

After finding out it was our first time, the guy behind the counter literally gasped in surprise and eagerly gave a spiel about pinkberry. After a ton some sampling of flavors and toppings, I got the original flavor with Oreo crumbles and strawberries. So delicious! Really tart but in a good way, like plain Greek yogurt with a bit of sugar. Mom was a bit more adventurous: pomegranate flavored with mochi (Japanese rice cake), mango, and dark chocolate crispy balls. Amazing! We both really dug in. Unfortunately it was gone too quickly, for we both got “hollow-balls”–my grandpa’s term for hollow ice cream scoops masquerading as solid, filled balls. Tsk! I’m not a fan of some of the ingredients and preservatives in the stuff but I’d say it’s the lesser of two evils in comparison to other ice cream shops. Dad was Mr. “Cool” and opted to not have any, nor even try any. Oh well.

Should I be concerned that it’s right around the block from my apartment, where I’ll be for 10 weeks during the HOT HOT SUMMER and be craving delicious frozen desserts?

Yes. Very.


One comment on ““Restaurant”: pinkberry

  1. […] I originally found it on thekitchn.com  but since then I’ve seen it on a billion numerous blogs, like Choosing Raw, Oh She Glows, and Love Veggies and Yoga to name a few. Since that fateful Facebook status about two or three years ago, I have made it many times and always with good results. There are infinite variations of flavors and toppings that I have experimented with, but this is the combo we enjoy the most. The addition of frozen strawberries helps the ice cream to not melt as fast so you can enjoy it longer. And Greek Yogurt gives it a delicious tang that, in my humble opinion, is up there with pinkberry. […]

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