Restaurant: Angelo’s Pizza

After moving in to my apartment in the city, my parents and I went to Angelo’s Pizza (1043 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10022) around the corner from my building.

Those would be my parents in the background, being nonchalant. The olive oil was infused with what looked like rosemary and bay leaves and tasted so good… usually I find dipping bread in oil and eating it kind of gross but this was really delicious! The bread though was kind of flakey (lots of crumbs) and white, not very much substance to it. Plus, and this I’ve never seen at other Italian restaurants, a thing of parmesan cheese to top your olive-oil-soaked-bread! Woo!

My dad got Rigatoni Campagnola, which was sweet Italian sausage with spinach, broccoli, olive oil, and garlic in a wine sauce. He really liked it; the pasta was good al dente and had nice herby flavors; the sausage was not quite so salty as other sausage tends to be. I ate some of his red pepper but found that really salty… so I’m not sure. But my dad liked it very much.

Mom got Baby Greens with Beets, Goat Cheese, Walnuts with a white balsamic dressing. She also got some shaved Parmesan on top. She really really really loved this salad. The dressing was very light and all of the elements of the salad were in perfect proportions.

I ended up getting Spaghetti Di Grano Duro Con Vegetali, which was whole wheat homemade pasta with vegetables, garlic and olive oil. SO GOOD! The veggies were all very fresh tasting and lightly cooked. The sauce, a bit salty for me, was super good and tasted really yummy with the broccoli florets. I personally don’t like sundried tomatoes so just gave those to my dad. But I would totally get this dish again.

Overall, definitely will be coming again. We didn’t get pizza, but the pizza at other tables looked super good (yes we are creepers like that). It’s pretty reasonably priced, fast service, and the food is awesome. Eat outside if you can; inside was pretty stuffy even today on a humid-less day. Apparently, they also deliver and you can order online… score.


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