Restaurant: Eatery in NYC

On a trip to NYC with my mom, we got a recommendation to try a place called Eatery (798 Ninth Ave. at 53rd St. /
New York City 10019) for lunch.

It was pretty good!

We got these appetizer (complimentary) rice cracker things first off.

They were pretty addicting. Lightly fried, crunchy and a little salty with a some sweet sugar granules coating the outside. Mysterious black seeds baked into them. We asked our waiter what the black things were; I guessed black sesame seeds. He informed us they were in fact peppercorns. I really don’t think so… there was no hint of pepper at all and they were distinctly seed-like! But yeah, this basket was demolished.

I got the Soft Tacos with Mahi-Mahi and Chipotle Mayo Coleslaw.

Mine was really yummy. There was guacamole in the taco. The chipotle mayo coleslaw wasn’t too hot for me and the black beans were also done nicely. The mahi-mahi was cooked really well too, nice and flaky. I was pretty happy until I found a definite rock in my mouth. The waiter said that it might be because their vegetables are organic and so apparently that means they can’t be well-washed… as opposed to non-organic vegetables, which appear to not grow in dirt and rocks? Oh well. I’m pretty sure it was a rock, hope it was a rock… I’m not dead yet!

My mom got the Eatery Summer Salad with grilled pears and brie.

She liked it. The whole-grain mustard vinaigrette was strong but delicious!

We skipped on the desserts; they seemed kind of generic.

Overall, it was an okay experience.

Cons: loud, rocks in food, un-knowledgeable waiters

Pros: pretty yummy, not too expensive, diverse foods to choose from

I would come back, but maybe at a less busy time.


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